#4- Sheet Music & Records

Sheet Music/ Records,  These items are important to you and it is your job to find others who will treasure these gifts.


If you have been a musician during your lifetime, you probably have accumulated lots of sheet music, music books and things that have enhanced your talents.  I found a dear friend who played piano and was a vocalist was interested in my things.  I invited him over one afternoon and we went through stacks and stacks of music; playing some, singing from others and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. He went home with a number of large boxes of the music I offered him and he was really happy. (I did save some favorite for me.) All in all it was a perfect legacy for him and a great feeling for me. And as for the 78s, 45s and 33/13 records and albums, there are book stores who sell these records; you may get 10 cents on the dollar for them. But, someone else will purchase some wonderful entertainment pieces.  You can also donate them to a local high school or college for its Radio/Communication Department. And, they too, can be sold on the Internet. Actually some special Jazz records are quite valuable in the right marketplace.

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