#5 Furriers

Furs: What a wonderful item and so many ways to share and preserve their value.


If you have a closet full of fur coats, jackets, stole or colors there are several things you can do to release into the universe. If there is a furrier in your neighborhood, call and make an appointment and bring in what you have to have him evaluate them. If there are pieces that can be put on consignment; do it.  It is the same 60/40 payoff and you know the pieces are going to someone who loves it as much as you do.


You can try and sell them on the Internet, but that is a time consuming project.


You can give them away to friends or family who will enjoy the, or donate them to a theatre organization for their use in plays and musicals.  There are even costume rental shops in cooperation with the local theatre and they rent the costume locally and nationally.  You can get a tax deduction if you donate the goods.



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