Are You Ready to Get Published?

You’ve slaved over your manuscript, and you finally think it’s there and ready to be published. Unless you are self-publishing, you must find an editor who loves your work and has faith in its success in order to keep moving forward with the project. So, what’s the next step? The Book Proposal.

I stumbled across an excellent article on The Behler Blog that goes over the 13 basic steps to creating a winning book proposal. I am going to excerpt these important aspects of the book proposal for you here:

  • COVER SHEET (title and subtitle of book; genre, word count, author’s name, address, phone, fax, email)
  • CONCEPT STATEMENT (optional—briefly state the target audience, why they need this book, why your book is unique or timely, why you are an authority on the topic, and what your book offers that other books don’t).
  • OVERVIEW (how you came to write the book—weave in attention-getting facts; this must be the most compelling part of your proposal!)
  • PURPOSE OF THE BOOK (what will your book do? what need will it fill? how will it benefit readers?)
  • THE MARKET/AUDIENCE (who will buy your book? why do they want or need it? give statistics)
  • COMPETITIVE BOOKS (what else exists? where is it shelved? how is your book new and better? how does your book differ from all other books on this topic?)
  • MARKETING OF THE BOOK (bookstores, book clubs, Internet, clubs, associations; if applicable—these are sales outside of a bookstore environment such as retail store chains, specialty stores, catalogs)
  • PROMOTION & PUBLICITY (list newspapers, magazines, TV & radio stations that the publisher should contact)
  • AUTHOR’S PROMOTIONAL CONTRIBUTION (list everything you’ll do to make the book successful; be sure to include all of your ideas for author appearances and events)
  • COMPLETION OF THE BOOK (state that “x” months from date of contract you will deliver the manuscript—usually a 9-12 month period is allowed)
  • SEQUELS (optional—list 1-3 other projects that interest you and that have a large audience)
  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR (your background and experience; why you are the best person to write the book)
  • THREE SAMPLE CHAPTERS (your first three chapters)

If you are struggling with getting your book together, send us an email and we can discuss how Holiday Princess Publishing can help you. Send us a note at goffinpr@aol.com or call 714-528-1258.  We can make it happen!!



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