Layers of Love


Love comes wrapped in so many layers —

When presented it is sometimes difficult to see.

Although the glitz, sparkle, shiny exterior,

and beauty appears, you must look carefully as

the fundamental passion is there.


As you unwrap the brilliant ribbon,

the glossy papers, you can reach beneath

the surface, discovering the true facets

of another who touches your heart.


The gift of love must be treasured and preserved.

Attention to every spoken word, each touch,

and sweet smile should be hugged to your heart

and revered as it is an emotion that surrounds

your entire being.


Love appears and captures you when least expected —

It is a gentle, lyrical aura —

It encompasses and entreats you —

It can encircle and caress you —

It is what dreams are made of —

And love completes the circle

of infinity and brings you to heights



As the layers of the gift of love unfold, you

become encased in a magical cocoon.

That is how it is meant to be.


All rights reserved.

Valentine, love, relationships, life

from the book Embracing Love by Judith Goffin


2016 -2-4- Judy at the MuckJudith Goffin, Author – February 2016


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