My long-time friend Helene passed away this week with dignity and style as was her life force.  I did not get to say good-bye, but send good wishes and love to wherever she lands.

For decades, she would drive to my home, get as far as the circular driveway, stop the car and peer at the rose garden…checking on the bouquet that would accompany her home. It was a sweet thing and when she was ready to go home, I got her the clippers, a plastic bag, sometimes a vase or a basket to make her job easier.  She really loved a large Yellow rose called Buccaneer as it had a long shelf life….but as most gardeners’ know all plants have a time to grow and time to leave.  This rose lasted about 20 years.

Several weeks ago, I purchased a new yellow floribunda rose that Helene would have love; but alas she is gone and the rose is having a slow start to add color and dimension to the garden…

I can add that several years ago Helene purchased gorgeous Hydrangeas’ for the garden, but in my area it was too warm and they could not live comfortably, so we took them back to Rogers Gardens and purchased a magnificent Gemini Hybrid Tea rose bush, which has flourished and it always abundant with deep pink and white buds that open to 6-8 inches wide rose with a sweet fragrance.

I will walk my rose garden during the coming years and with fond memories of Helene stopping her car, checking on the roses …..it will certainly bring a smile to my face and a touch of love to my heart.


Judith Goffin    April 8, 2016


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