My long-time friend Helene passed away this week with dignity and style as was her life force.  I did not get to say good-bye, but send good wishes and love to wherever she lands.

For decades, she would drive to my home, get as far as the circular driveway, stop the car and peer at the rose garden…checking on the bouquet that would accompany her home. It was a sweet thing and when she was ready to go home, I got her the clippers, a plastic bag, sometimes a vase or a basket to make her job easier.  She really loved a large Yellow rose called Buccaneer as it had a long shelf life….but as most gardeners’ know all plants have a time to grow and time to leave.  This rose lasted about 20 years.

Several weeks ago, I purchased a new yellow floribunda rose that Helene would have love; but alas she is gone and the rose is having a slow start to add color and dimension to the garden…

I can add that several years ago Helene purchased gorgeous Hydrangeas’ for the garden, but in my area it was too warm and they could not live comfortably, so we took them back to Rogers Gardens and purchased a magnificent Gemini Hybrid Tea rose bush, which has flourished and it always abundant with deep pink and white buds that open to 6-8 inches wide rose with a sweet fragrance.

I will walk my rose garden during the coming years and with fond memories of Helene stopping her car, checking on the roses …..it will certainly bring a smile to my face and a touch of love to my heart.


Judith Goffin    April 8, 2016


2015 Collection-Holiday Princess Garden All Botanicals are for sale at $5.00 each

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Magic Castle Birthday Party! March 7, 2016


Judy, Bodine Balasco, Pam Tice, and Dr. Len                        2016-3-7-10`6 MAGIC CASTLE FOR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION 001                                        Fun at the Magic Castle!

#6 – Suggestions for Daily Life



Most cities have special transportation for Seniors.  This include 10% discount on buses, taxis, metrolink and Amtrak. Additionally, disabled seniors who are unable to drive a car may qualify for ACESS, a transportation system part of a county’s bus transportation.  All is needed is a request from your primary care physician, an appointment to go through a small medical/physical test and upon clearance can get transportation at a major discount. Check with your local transportation company for details.


Many hospitals provide some transportation programs dependent upon programs and services.  Take the time to call and get the details.


Also, many Senior insurance companies have rides to hospitals, and physicians offices.  They require a 3-day notice, your Medicare card and a few other details.  The vans will pick you up at your home, drop you off at your appointment and return to deliver back home. This system works well if you have early morning tests or physicals which may use drugs to monitor the test.  It is a miracle for 7 a.m. testing. That service is paid for by your health insurance.



Grocery  Shopping


Shopping for groceries takes a lot of planning and a gift of organizing.  My suggestions is to develop a friendship to form a shopping buddy; male or

female or both.  This way you could shop and split many grocery items; have a wide choices of items and save money. When a 5lb bag of Idaho potatoes goes on sale, you can split the cost and product to save energy and money. Particularly if you shop at the big box stores, splitting products really is an advantage and you get what you want and don’t need a lot of storage space in the fridge or pantry. So next time you need to shop, look at your neighbors, card playing friends or family and find yourself a good shopping buddy.  And it is even better if they have a car and a valid driver’s license.



Grocery/Drug store Discounts


Many grocery and drug stores provide discounts to Seniors.  Grocery stores usually have a special “Senior” ID that you receive when joining its club.  The card is used each time you shop providing information that goes into a data bank to accumulate points and future discounts.


Drug store such as CVS, Walgreen et al provide its members with a small card that is swiped at the time of purchase. That provides discounts on store-wide products.  It is a great way to save money on things you need. Plus at check out your receipt has many other discounts of items that are being promoted.




Discounts at Major Department Stores


The next time you go shopping at your favorite department store, call customer service and ask what days do the give Seniors an automatic 10% off of your entire purchase, no questions, coupons asked. Kohl’s, Target, Stein-Mart designate special Senior shopping days, as do many other  departments

©Judith Goffin




If you have some ideas and suggestions, please send them to this blog. We will be happy to print that ones that will help our senior population.


About Judith Goffin

Judith Goffin is an author, blogger, Journalist and photographer. She has provided information to the senior population since 1979. Ms. Goffin is a public relations consultant to US Army Recruiting Companies, various medical and nonprofit organizations and is the principal of Goffin Public Relations. She is the owner of Holiday Princess Publishing, a book and ebook company, Judith resides in Yorba Linda, CA, and may be contacted at goffinpr@aol.com.


#5 Furriers

Furs: What a wonderful item and so many ways to share and preserve their value.


If you have a closet full of fur coats, jackets, stole or colors there are several things you can do to release into the universe. If there is a furrier in your neighborhood, call and make an appointment and bring in what you have to have him evaluate them. If there are pieces that can be put on consignment; do it.  It is the same 60/40 payoff and you know the pieces are going to someone who loves it as much as you do.


You can try and sell them on the Internet, but that is a time consuming project.


You can give them away to friends or family who will enjoy the, or donate them to a theatre organization for their use in plays and musicals.  There are even costume rental shops in cooperation with the local theatre and they rent the costume locally and nationally.  You can get a tax deduction if you donate the goods.



#4- Sheet Music & Records

Sheet Music/ Records,  These items are important to you and it is your job to find others who will treasure these gifts.


If you have been a musician during your lifetime, you probably have accumulated lots of sheet music, music books and things that have enhanced your talents.  I found a dear friend who played piano and was a vocalist was interested in my things.  I invited him over one afternoon and we went through stacks and stacks of music; playing some, singing from others and thoroughly enjoying ourselves. He went home with a number of large boxes of the music I offered him and he was really happy. (I did save some favorite for me.) All in all it was a perfect legacy for him and a great feeling for me. And as for the 78s, 45s and 33/13 records and albums, there are book stores who sell these records; you may get 10 cents on the dollar for them. But, someone else will purchase some wonderful entertainment pieces.  You can also donate them to a local high school or college for its Radio/Communication Department. And, they too, can be sold on the Internet. Actually some special Jazz records are quite valuable in the right marketplace.

ArtsOC Meet & Greet – February 10, 2016

2016 2-10-16 Arts Orange County 002Here I am with ArtsOC Executive Director Rick Stein.

Great evening with Arts Advocates!




Layers of Love


Love comes wrapped in so many layers —

When presented it is sometimes difficult to see.

Although the glitz, sparkle, shiny exterior,

and beauty appears, you must look carefully as

the fundamental passion is there.


As you unwrap the brilliant ribbon,

the glossy papers, you can reach beneath

the surface, discovering the true facets

of another who touches your heart.


The gift of love must be treasured and preserved.

Attention to every spoken word, each touch,

and sweet smile should be hugged to your heart

and revered as it is an emotion that surrounds

your entire being.


Love appears and captures you when least expected —

It is a gentle, lyrical aura —

It encompasses and entreats you —

It can encircle and caress you —

It is what dreams are made of —

And love completes the circle

of infinity and brings you to heights



As the layers of the gift of love unfold, you

become encased in a magical cocoon.

That is how it is meant to be.


All rights reserved.

Valentine, love, relationships, life

from the book Embracing Love by Judith Goffin


2016 -2-4- Judy at the MuckJudith Goffin, Author – February 2016


Tips for Seniors:#3 Consignment Stores

CONSIGNMENT STORES: They will help sell your treasures: I have found that working with consignment stores takes a lot of pressure off the :giving” process,  You will receive money for the items put on consignment and that money can be bequeathed to your family and friends.  You will have control over the amount and who receives the dollars.


Consignment stores welcome good quality china, crystal, accessories and more.  Please be aware that the low sale price was developed by the store to sell goods.  A Waterford Bowl, retail price of $350, will normally be placed to sell at $90. You will get 60% of the sale.  Not a lot of money? But, just think, you won’t have to clean it anymore and it is one less thing for your Executor to worry about.



Battle Shark Luncheon

2016 -1-20-16 Battleshark lunch 0012016 -1-20-16 Battleshark lunch 0042016 -1-20-16 Battleshark lunch 006

US Army Southern California Recruiting Battalion (Battle Sharks) quarterly meeting was held January 20, 2016  at Dave and Buster’s. The Center of Influence Community Relations Board meeting was conducted by MAJ Steve Ramella(first photo) after a great buffet lunch provided by the restaurant.
The mission of the community relations board members is to tell “the story of the US Army”, to increase visibility and awareness to assist the recruiters in doing their important assignment…to recruit outstanding men and women to serve in the military.
I have had the honor and privilege to serve on the board for more than eight years. It is an amazing group of people and I value their friendship.


More guests at the luncheon (2nd photo)- Sgt. 1st Class James Lilly, Public Affars Chief, 79th SSc, and me. Third photo is Bobby McDonald Chair, Veterans Advisory Council Orange County (me) and Terrance Nelson, Director of Veterans Affairs, Saddleback College


January 25, 2016


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