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#2-Tips for Seniors: Legacy Tips

LEGACY TIPS: Take a physical and mental inventory of the items you wish to give to family, friends, and charities. When the list is complete, follow some of my suggestions to make your legacy easier to handle. I personally think it is better to give things from “warm hands”, and enjoy the excitement of having a cup of tea and giving the gifts,


Over the years we collect many things to enhance our lives and china, silver, flatware, crystal found a way into my home.  I determined that I would bequeath to my nieces while I was still here to tell the complete story behind my treasure


I invited each woman to my home and they early appeared on their selected days. The first niece I gave her 36 crystal goblets, many serving pieces, lovely flatware and the religious objects that would have a good place in her home.  I even provided tissue and boxes for her so she could wrap everything. The crystal candlesticks were a big hit with her.  I did tell the story of her parents involvement in the items I gave her; that the goblets and other objects were used in a Passover Seder many years ago.  These items would carry on in her home.  One comment from her, how wonderful, now I won’t run out of stemware or dessert forks.


The other niece came over on a Sunday afternoon and her treasures were Swedish Orrefors crystal; vases, serving pieces and the like value at $10,000.

And some wonderful Waterford Crystal wine decanters. I had sent her an email so she could see what would be going home with her.  She also was given boxes, tissue paper and she wrapped everything carefully and carted it off to her car. A wonderful way to make sure your treasures have a new warm, welcoming place.


Paintings, artifacts, studio glass


Over the years, many people collect artwork and enjoy having it surround their daily life.  But, then where will it go when you are no longer her to enjoy it? I worked out a system that seems to capture the imagination of family and friends.  When they are visiting my home, I have said,” I would like you to pick out a painting that will ultimately be yours.”

It has been interesting to see what the recipients do. When a selection has been made, I put a sticker on the back of the painting with their name on it so the Executor of my estate can make sure these gifts are directed to the right person.  Fascinating, that even though I have said they will receive their prize after I am gone, they are usually so excited they want to take the piece off the wall NOW and take it home with them. I always suggest they take a photo of their prize; knowing they will have bragging rights for the moment.


Fine Jewelry/Designer Costume Jewelry


Do your research and find a reputable jeweler in your neighborhood and see if they purchase jewelry. Many do purchase gold.  And, the upscale jewelers have Antique dealers who travel the world and they purchase estate jewelry from local owners.  Or, if there is a good consignment store, you can arrange to put your jewelry there.  Consignment stores, usually take 35-40% of the sale. It take a while to have these sales, but trust me, it does work. Do your homework about consignment stores before going to strike a deal. Find out the retail value of the jewelry; you will be putting it on consignment for the wholesale price or less. The important solution is you will most likely sell it in the 3-months in their cases, under lovely lights.


And, of course, you can gift it to special people in your life.  And, what do with expensive costume jewelry?  Best to find individuals who would enjoy having it for their collection.  Some designer costume jewelry does sell on the Internet, but precludes you know how to use the Internet. It’s best to get a granddaughter or grandson to help with that. And, being a wise person, you will sweeten the pot by giving your helpers a percentage of the pot.

#1-Tips for Seniors

Tips for Seniors


During the next several weeks, we are going to list Tips for  Seniors on Judy Goffin Creations.

1.)Medical Tips *

2.Legacy Tips

3)Consignment Stores

4) Sheet Music/ Records *

5) Furriers

6)Suggestions for an Active Daily Life.

 MEDICAL TIPS: These medical tips will make your healthcare easier and provide good information and suggestions to take care of yourself.

Prepare a list of the medicines you take along with the amount and time of day you take them. Also list medicines that you have an adverse reaction or are allergic to. Carry this in your purse or wallet so if the occasion occurs that you are taken to an ER or medical facility you will be prepared with your medication list.  This is not a time to guess what you take or how much is part of medications.

It is especially important if you are diabetic, on insulin, or have heart problems and use nitro patches.

And, do not give the list to anyone except for them to make copies and return it to you.  It is a valuable piece to protect you and provide quality medical care during  your visit to the ER or medical center.


When you visit your primary care physician (Internist) always bring a written report of what has gone on medically since the last visit.  Provide the doctor with names of other physicians you have seen, any important medical updates including new medications and other items of note to have a cohesive list of facts to ensure quality care.


When you see your doctor it is okay to ask for SAMPLES of medications you use on a regular basis.  The doctors are given samples to give to their patients, so don’t be embarrassed- it will save you money and tedious calls and trips to a pharmacy.  And remember, the doctor DOES NOT pay for the medications and you are entitled to have that attention as an older adult living on a fixed budget.


It is highly recommended to become educated on what Medicare and supplemental insurance do for you the patient.  Whether it be for doctors visits, lab tests, X-rays and other services, it behooves you to know what is paid for and what you may have a co-pay for.  Take the time to sit with your insurance agent, a health and advisory counselor (HICAP) to gather all the facts for your care.  Also, find out what the costs are for hospital stays, or convalescent care.  It will give you a voice in the quality of care you receive. You will be surprised what is covered and what is not.  Be informed.



 If your primary physician refers you to a specialist   and you are not happy with the specialist after your first appointment, TELL your doctor and ASK for another referral. That works for a PPO or an HMO.  I believe the doctor is there to HELP YOU, and you should feel safe and respected with that individual; after all it is your health and well-being we are talking about.  Be your own Advocate!!


 Ambulance Services

 You insurance plans will cover Ambulance rides, but in most cases there is a large co-pay for each ride; $250. Some insurance plans cover most of the ride and their co-pays are less.  And, in some cities, you pay a small fee on your water bill to have no co-pay. Each time you are loaded into an ambulance for however long the ride, there is a co-pay which is your responsibility. Check this out with your insurance carrier, the Fire Service, your City and the hospital you frequent the most. It is smart to be informed.


More roses from my garden..2015 notecards available for $3.00 each

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Roses from my garden and flower arrangements. These notecards are for sale….


The 2015 collection of floral notecards are now available! $3.00 each or a box of 13 different cards for $25.

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Another evening of art, gourmet food and culture..



Internationally acclaimed photographer Albert Delamour and me at an artist dinner reception at the Hotel Santa Fe,The Hacienda & Spa A wonderful dinner and an opportunity to speak with Albert about his work.

In a lovely setting in the hotel restaurant about 100 people gathered to meet and greet Albert and view his amazing, enthusiastic work.  He uses mixed media with his photography gaining a lightness to his images of the hillsides, gorgeous people and starry nights.  When I asked him why he engages his life in photography, he looked at me , smiled and said, “It is what  I have to do!”  Check out his Facebook page and his web page, you too will be captivated by his soul-felt style.


September 24, 2015



People really read what I write…..


An article that I wrote several years ago and is included in “On Writing a Book” (Amazon, Kindle) still gets a lot of readers.  It suggests that anyone who writes a book should hire a publicist to get the maximum public relations.

I have queries from an amazing group of writers, poets, screenwriters, documentary books and film writers.  The single question I receive is why should I hire someone? I have a web site, several  Face Book pages.  I am well-known on Linkedin , Twitter and other media programs.

My answer is always the same.  Who is your audience? What are you trying to reach? And what is the back story…my favorite question of all. Writers write, but don’t always know how to promote their ideas and I have found it is my job as a professional  to find out why they write, what motivates t hem and when was the last time they climbed the Matterhorn, Actually I do have a client that climbed the Matterhorn, not once, but twice.  To me that idea brings to mind the back story about a man dedicated to setting goals and achieving them.

That sells books.  I have found the general public needs a way to understand and have some type of conncection with the authors whose books they place on their coffee tables.

So I suggest to all of you who want to be on the New York Times Best Seller list, figure out what your back story is and run with it anytime you can. The media who writes about you and covers your activities will have something to work with….Give it some thought.

And if you do hire a public relations company, bring something of interest and excitement to the table. After all I think not every book is destined to be a Harry Potter.  Although I was recently approached by a gentleman in Florida who has the making of a series of provocative and captivating books that just might give the Harry Potters of the world a run for their money.


Submitted, October 9, 2015

Easy Way to make Peach Preserves…


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Easy way To Can Peach Jam Without Pectin.

Prep Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Yield: 6 – 7 Half Pint Jars

Enjoy the taste of fresh peaches all year long with our delicious Peach Jam recipe. Our step-by-step photo instructions will show you just how easy it is to “save summer in a jar” with local peaches fresh from the orchard. Spread this jam on a hot biscuit or some buttered toast and just step back into summer with every bite. Canning jam is easier than you think and this is a simple and easy recipe perfect for anyone to try.


  • 4 pounds of fresh Peaches
  • 3 cups of Sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons of Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 cup of Water


Peach Jam Recipe:


  • Rinse the peaches under cool running water.
  • Place whole fresh peaches in a pot of

boiling water for 2 minutes.

  • Remove and place in a sink with cold ice water.
  • Peel peaches, remove the pit, slice in half,

then into quarters.

  • Slice each quarter into 2 or 3 chunks.
  • Place cut peaches in bowl and toss with

lemon juice.

  • Place in food processor and pulse into small bits but do not liquefy.
  • Place a saucepot on stove, set to medium heat.
  • Add water, then sugar and stir until sugar

Is dissolved.

  • Add peach pulp and continue to stir until it thickens.
  • As it thickens, stir frequently to prevent sticking and burning.
  • When done, ladle into hot jars, leaving 1/4 inch headspace.
  • Remove air bubbles, wipe rim, add lid a band. Finger tighten.
  • Process 10 minutes in a boiling water canner or according to the time for your altitude.
  • Remove from canner, and place on folded towel for 24 hours in a draft free location.
  • May be stored in a dark cool place for a year or longer.
  • Enjoy



Book Review of The Ash and the Thorn: God on Trial? Poetry



I’m very pleased to announce that the August 2015 issue of our online book review magazine “Small Press Bookwatch” features a review of “The Ash and The Thorn: God on Trial?”  James A. Cox Editor-in-Chief; Small Press Bookwatch


Here is the review


Small Press Bookwatch: August 2015
James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief
Midwest Book Review
278 Orchard Drive, Oregon, WI 53575

The Poetry Shelf


The Ash and The Thorn: God on Trial?
Leonard H. Roller
P.O. Box 29, Neche, ND 58265
Goffin Public Relations — goffinpr@aol.com
9781460254202, $27.99, 120pp, www.amazon.com


Kind David in a fevered dream spoke to the Lord and said but he was a sweet and unoffending youth, O Lord – “I warn thee” came the voice, “You wrestle now not like Jacob with an angel, but with the Lord himself.” Thus King David dares to raise The Question: if God is good and all-powerful, how come there’s so much evil? Many thinkers and writers have even questioned the justice and rightness of God’s perceived actions — or lack of perceivable action. In “The Ash and The Thorn: God on Trial?”, his second collection of poems, Leonard H. Roller explores, through verse, the mystery of a seemingly self-contradicting Deity in a puzzling universe. Themed to the stirring, Old Testament tale of Uzza, Leonard invites the reader to consider the terrible beauty of the world.


Critique: ‘If The Proper Study Of Mankind…': If the proper study of mankind should be man, / That in no way annuls our right of God to scan. / Why did the Lord create this puzzling whole / If not to inspire awe in the human soul? / Was not the universe made for this pelf, / That God, through man, should perceive Himself? — Unique, impressive, inherently fascinating, “The Ash and The Thorn: God on Trial?” is a one-of-a-kind anthology of exceptionally well crafted verse that is very highly recommended for community and academic library Contemporary Poetry collections. For individual reading lists it should be noted that “The Ash and The Thorn: God on Trial?” is also available in a paperback edition (9781460254219, $12.99).


You have complete permission to utilize the review in any manner you deem useful for marketing and promotion.


Additionally, this review will be archived on our Midwest Book Review website for the next five years at http://www.midwestbookreview.com

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