Embracing Love

We all search for love throughout our lives, seeking peace and contentment in the choices we make, she says. Embracing Love addresses the three most areas of love-- love of self, love of life and relationship love. Although at times these areas overlap and merge, searching for answers for the ultimate love must, of necessity, begin with oneself.

In her book, Goffin creates her poetry (392 pages with 223 poems) to capture love of life based on personal attitudes of joy, happiness, pleasure and commitment. Learning to enjoy the little things as well as wonders of nature, the earth and our surroundings can bring a multitude of awareness and brighter our personal world.

Embracing Love is divided into nine sections with titles that include: Romance: It is or It Isn't, The Brass Ring: When It Turns to Gold, Forgiving Oneself, Sweet Songs of Love, and When It's Over.


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