Getting Your Name In Lights: Public Relations Strategies to Secure Community Support, Resources, Funding & Media Relations


This is the second edition of my book, which was updated to include chapters about how social media can help your business in many wonderful ways.

The information superhighway has literally exploded  over the past decade with many possibilities for promoting your organization. While many young people handle this wonderful new world quite skillfully, we understand the many different skill levels that need to be addressed. This book gives a handds-on approach that can be readily used to draw media ands community attention and be put to good use by a number of people and organizations, whether you're starting out or have been doing this for awhile.

Who should read this book?

  Anyone that is involved in small business marketing, working with a Chamber of Commerce, or is part of a non-profit can benefit from the methods described in this book. You will learn how to get information, events and news about your group in print and spread to the masses through many different avenues of communication. You'll also learn the value of maintaining your Web site, blog and also delve into keeping up with social media sites.

There are so many outstanding places and ways to brand your clients, agency, or organization! All you have to do is read on to find out how!

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