Memories in the Garden


YORBA LINDA, CALIF- MAY 2012 -Memories are a treat for Judith Goffin as she looks back at her gardens through the years.
Goffin, a Yorba Linda resident, is celebrating the release of her fourth book of poetry this month, Memories in the Garden, a whimsical poetic jaunt through the seasons describing her personal philosophy— how the garden can seduce you.  Her photography is also used throughout the book and as cover art.
Goffin’s poetry has been featured in Fullerton Arboretum’s newsletter many times over the last few years. Greg Dyment, Arboretum director, has used Goffin’s poetry also in campaigns to benefit the arboretum.
But it was Mark Costello, director of Friends of the Arboretum who included her poetry in the Arboretum’s newsletter.  He said, ” Judy’s poetry always brought a smile to my face and I knew our readers looked forward to her strolls in the garden,  capturing nature in prose in a gardener’s partnership with the seeds, plants, sun and rain that brought her poetry alive.’’
The book is dedicated to Mr. Costello as he supported her writing and to long-time friend Alan Graner, who when reading this books’ poetry said “It always made him hungry when she wrote about fruits and vegetables.” Alan Graner has been friends with Ms. Goffin since the late 70s.  Ms. Goffin said,” He is always there to pat me on the head and say, “yes that is good,” or smile while he is reading something of mine and the edges of his eyes crinkle up as he smiles.
Memories in the Garden is 60 pages of whimsical memories, showcasing  discovery of such things as Goffin’s blue Schwinn Bicycle, a child’s swings and the crisp smells, colors and  beauty of Fall.  She says this is her “Hallmark” book.  Easy to carry in purse or briefcase, filled with poetry that opens up others bank of memories-their mother’s sweet peas, the 4th of July parade, growing vegetables with parents and grandparents and words that tickle the memory.
She said, “I have dreamed of a small book of poetry to tuck under my arm or store in a floppy travel bag.  One that would awaken my senses of childhood and one that brought giggles and sometimes tears to my eyes. Memories in the Garden is that sweet book.”
Judith Goffin is the owner of Goffin Public Relations, established in 1980  and a pioneer in  public relations in Orange County, CA.  She is an author, a lecturer, photographer and President of Holiday Princes Publishing,  a boutique company that  features books, antiques and collectibles.
Memories in the Garden is $14.85, plus shipping and handling and is available on Goffn’s website www.judygoffin.com and will soon be available on Amazon.com. Goffin is available for speaking engagements and book signings. She may be contacted at 714-528-1258 or by e-mail at holidayprincesspublishing@sbcglobal.net.

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