Summer Day Poem 2016

Summer Day


It is a beautiful summer day-

The birds are awakening,

calling to one another…

come out and play.


It reminds me of summers

long ago with the children

playing in the sprinklers—

dousing each other with the hose,

giggling as they played.


I sit calmly in the garden,

breathing the pungent air of

orange and lemon blossoms—

with a hint of mint and jasmine—

Reminds me of the perfect

cup of tea while reminiscing

of all things pure and sweet.


Life has changed; the children

gone, but my memories linger on.

I continue to sit in the garden

with my sweet thoughts hugging

me all around—

as I capture the essence

of the perfect summer day.



Judith Goffin         June 25, 2016


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