When should I Hire a Publicist?

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When should you get a Publicist or PR Consultant to Help Promote Your Book?

  Looking at Steps to successfully launch your book


In the last several months I have had calls from authors who wish to discuss how I might help get their books recognized and sold in the marketplace.


Usually they want to know how I can help them; how much it will cost and can I guarantee results? Whether it be an esoteric poet, a historian, a moderate Libertarian who is angry about our political system and global warming, or a rather good Hollywood mystery writer, they all want me to get their books on the New York Times best seller list and increase their revenue to an amazing amount. A highly unlikely happening!


Why did they wait until the book(s) were on Amazon. com, in some bookstores published last year…have old and outdated information and just not competitive…. to say the least.


I am quite candid with all of them and then some….

“When did you decide to write your book?”


“When you decided to write the great American novel did you determine who your audience was; how to reach your marketplace?”


Did you consider doing some research as to who might be of value in handling a campaign for your book?  If you are not funded by a major publishing house and you are self-publishing, do you think it might have been important to consider a marketing strategy, a basic assessment of your readers, a battle plan, something to make your book a winner?


This is what you do before you write your book, not six months or a year later; that is the backwards plan.


And, I hear from these new authors, “Can you get me on the Today Show, CNN, Ellen Degeneres Show, talk radio and oh yes, how about the cover of Time Magazine?  The last author I spoke to said (I didn’t ask him) that his goal is to sell 10,000 copies of his book and be ranked in the top 5 books on the New York Times List.  What a dream.


It is complicated to research, prepare and write a book. Figure how to print it cost-effectively. Get a publicist who believes in the product to help you and then be realistic as to its success.   The authors who have contacted me have all been elderly men, with modest and major career (the back story to promote).


The first thing they say to me after hello, is “I don’t have much money.” Talk about a downer.  Why do they think I will jump with joy to take on an egotistical man who knows how to do it, but doesn’t want to and doesn’t want to pay me what I am worth??


I have debated where to place this piece; on my web site, my blog Respect Encourages Dignity, or on a general publishing Facebook page. And, of course I can send it to print media nationally.  That would get a jolt out to the authors of the world.


After much consideration, I think it will go on the Respect Encourages Dignity, as the more I speak with these authors, the more annoyed I become.  Everyone wants something for nothing and that doesn’t help my economy, my talents, my long standing as a professional publicist, public relations and Social Media Maven.


And are they really prepared?  I hear, my website is still under construction.  No I did not prepare this book as an Ebook. No I don’t have a good picture of myself so people can recognize me.  And, oh yes, my sister’s cousin did the proofreading on the book and I think it is just perfect. No way. It goes on and on.


Now, basically, I am a patient person, but this insanity just has to stop sometime.


Now if you are thinking about writing a book large or small, take time to plan all of the steps for success. Read my Ebook On Writing a Book and gather some common sense before you begin.  If you want to chat with me for $300 per hour, give me a call (714) 528-1258 or email me at goffinpr@aol.com.  No more freebies.



July 9, 2014

Judith Goffin



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